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  National Leprosy Eradiction Programme


National Leprosy Elimination programme phase II is running from the year Ist April 2001. The main objective of the project is to achieve the targets set by the GOI of bringing down the leprosy prevalence rate to 1 or below 1 per 10000 populations.
The prevalence rate of leprosy in Uttarakhand state is 0.28 /10000 population as on March 2012
The annual new case detection rate of Uttarakhand State is 4.85/ Lac Population as on March 2012


Elimination of Leprosy i.e. PR below 1 per 10000 population in all districts.
  Strengthen Disability Prevention & Medical Rehabilitation of persons affected by leprosy.
  Reduction in the level of stigma associated with leprosy

Targets (By March 2017): 


  1. Prevalence rate below 1 per 10000 populations in all districts.
  2. Annual New Case Detection Rate below 10 per lac population in all districts.
  3. Treatment Completion Rate of leprosy –In MB cases more than 95% In PB cases more than 97%
  4. Gr. II disability rate 35% reduction from the base line 2011-12.
  5. Stigma reduction

Epidemiological Status of Uttarakhand ( As of 31st March 2014)


  •   All the districts have achieved elimination level i.e. PR below 1 per 10000 population.


  • Annual new case detection rate (ANCDR) is below 10 per lac population in all the districts.

  • Treatment completion rate is PB 98.8% and MB 95.49 %

  • Gr. II disability rate is 2.93% among new cases. (Gr. II in Baseline 2011-12 was 3.6) 












National Leprosy Eradiction Programme


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