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  National Leprosy Eradiction Programme

                                NATIONAL LEPROSY ERADICATION PROGRAMME                            


National Leprosy Eradication Programme is implemented with major objective of reducing disease burden, preventing disability and to increase awareness about leprosy in the community. MDT is used as an important tool to reduce the burden of active cases of leprosy.  Although Uttarakhand state has achieved the target of elimination  i.e.  to bring down the prevalence rate of leprosy to below 1 per Ten Thousand population in March 2005, still about 275 new leprosy cases were detected in last year 2020-21.

Ultimate vision of NLEP :

  1. Leprosy Free India
  2. Zero Child leprosy Cases
  3. Zero Grade II disabilities among new leprosy cases
  4. Zero stigma and discrimination against persons affected by leprosy.


Activities under NLEP

v Active Case Detection and Regular Surveillance.

v Timely referral and follow up for treatment completion through Multi Drug Therapy.

v NLEP Training of newly appointed MO’s and General Health Care Staff. 

v Disability prevention and Medical Rehabilitation: Reaction management, provision of Self Care kits, MCR footwear and Aids & Appliance, and re-constructive Surgeries at DH and medical colleges.

v Sparsh Leprosy Awareness Campaigns.


             Epidemiological Status of Uttarakhand ( 2020-21)

  •  All the districts have achieved elimination level i.e. PR below 1 per 10000        population.
  •  Annual new case detection rate (ANCDR) is below 10 per lac population in all the districts.
  •  Gr. II disability rate is 0.00% among new cases. (Gr. II Disability in Baseline      2011-12 was 3.6%)







National Leprosy Eradiction Programme


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