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  Reproductive and Child Health

Vision Statement
To provide equitable RCH services in particular and health services in general, in a mission mode, with the objective of bridging the spatial variations and achieving the goals set out in the state policy specifically and national policies at large, by improving accessibility to quality services by improved and strengthened infrastructure facilities, through a comprehensive approach through partnerships with private and civil society organizations, increasing public health investments, reducing gender discrimination and involving elected representatives and community at large.

Technical Objectives, Strategies (or interventions) and activities

Reduce MMR from the present level of 315 (State Survey) to below 100

Reduce IMR from the present level of 44 (SRS 2008) per 1000 live births to 28

Reduce CMR from the present level of 17 to below 15

To reduce the TFR from the current level of 2.55 to 2.1

Increase modern CPR from the present level of 55% to 70%


a. Integrated RCH Camps
Uttarakhand is a hilly state, with many problems in connectivity, and it is often difficult for needy persons to come to District or Sub District Hospitals for availing RCH services. The shortage of service providers aggravates the problem of inaccessibility. In order to counter these constraints, the frequency of RCH camps will be increased as per the district plans. During the preparation of this PIP, many district representatives expressed the view that each district should have an increased number of camps and the rate per camp should also be increased. Many plan to conduct, on an average, one camp every two months in a block. However in Districts like Dehradun, U.S.Nagar and Haridwar with a very high density of population and poor health indicators have planed 12 camps per month. This would mean 18 blocks of these three Districts (18x12=216)would have 216 camps and remaining 77 Blocks would have at the rate of 06 camps per month which would mean a total of 462 camps.So we would conduct 678 RCH camps in 10-11 covering all the 95 blocks.

Based on the suggestion of the districts during the DHAP formulation meeting and the performance of the districts last year it is proposed that in the year 2010-11 30% camps will be organized in the first two quarter and remaining 70% camps in the last two quarters.

So the camps in the first quarter would be plain RCH camps @7500/ and the camps in the next 02 qauarter RCH plus camps @14000/ with minimum 20 sterilization cases over and above the RCH camp norm.

Integrated RCH Camps conducted at Block level are found to be highly effective and have benefited a large number of clients. These camps provide a wide range of services including ante-natal and post-natal checkups, TT vaccination, IFA distribution, RTI/STI treatment and services related to child health and family planning. The progress of the camps in the last 03 quarter has benifited 15853 clients on various cousellings,2295 Laproscopic ligations,613 Abdominal tubectomies,275 Male sterilization,1818 IUCD insertions,TT immunization of 1906 ANC ‘s,3754 child immunization,1418 RTI/STI examined and counselled.

The camps will be held at health centres that have the necessary facilities and infrastructure.


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